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UNITY VILLAGE MINISTRIES (UVM) philosophy start with the understanding of human origin and the fact that humanity true and divine origin suggest that all humans are derived from one humanity. This oneness is what we thrive for at UVM. Teaching the fact that all humans are related through their genetics and have one Genesis.  We believe in one creator of the heaven and earth, and that we are all apart of that creation.  Our purpose at UVM is to teach the unity of humanity by explaining the commonality of our origin from a biblical, scientific and spiritual prospective.  


Secondly, UVM mission is provide Human Services to families and elders, especially those suffering from special needs and  mental health issues. We provide a respite center and in-home care personal care services. We also provide educational class that provide information about Mental health and community based resources for those suffering from mental health issues.

Thirdly, we sponsor missionary trips to Africa and other under developed countries to provide information and resources to communities in need. Our up and coming mission is to provide direct resources to families or individuals through our "donate a barrel" program.


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