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Dear Family & Community Members,


We would like to introduce you to our organization, Unity Village Ministries, tell you about our mission and ask for your support. We are the only organization in this area(29486) that provides special needs support services for families with children with autism and/or special needs.


We are presently licensed through Department of health and environment  Control(DHEC) to provide in-homecare service and we also provide a Respite Day- Center and a special needs summer camp. Your support is crucial in expanding our efforts to provide these services and resources to a greater number of families in the area.


Our community as well as our nation is facing a rise in the number of people affected by disabilities, so firstly, our goal and mission is to bring awareness to such a critical issue. Then we feel that it is crucial to provide a safe learning environment for children with special needs outside of there home. Thirdly, we want to assist parents in their home with the daily task of raising a child with a disability. We also would like to provide parent training and a parent resource Center.


We are asking for your help in accomplishing these goal by making a donation to our cause. You can donate through cashapp@$unityvillage1  or by pressing the donate button on this page.

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