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Lesser Known Self-Stigma Just As Dangerous To Black Mental Health

It may not be possible to completely eradicate symptoms of internalized stigma...


The Hidden Stigma in The Black Community

Opening up the discussion for mental health awareness in the Black community


Black youth suicide is a public health crisis

Over 8 months, the taskforce has held forums, events and meetings to identify the contributing factors to this crisis, and ways to stop it.


Black and dangerous? 

Listening to patients’ experiences of mental health services in London

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"I worry about how to care for my brother with autism and his mental health when my parents are gone."

My parents have long avoided having the talk with me about how I can take care of my older brother when they are gone.


How Anti-Black Racism Impacts Menal Health 

The City of Toronto has launched a new campaign aimed at raising awareness about the mental health effects of anti-Black racism.


Cultivating Compassion for the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Child: Shifting Our Stance from Moral Indictment to Empathy

Working with colleagues, Dr. Conway was instrumental in establishing the Derner Hempstead Child Clinic—a satellite clinic in Hempstead that provides psychotherapy services for underserved minority children who experience tremendous difficulty in their families and schools

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